Electronics Repair

Electronics Repair

The industrial repair service offered by Aganim company, actually breaks the monopoly that vendors have over their customers.

When a factory purchases a production machine and it is under warranty, the service and parts replacement in most cases is satisfactory. When warranty expires and there is a need to purchase or repair an electronic board or a control assembly, the obvious connection between the vendor and the buyer creates a market of high prices, which climbs rapidly high as much as the equipment is unique.

Aganim does not sell anything other than the repair service, and that's why the tempt of earning more by selling a new item does not exist. The effort for the repair is maximized, No repair – No income.

Aganim's service ease customer decision, Evaluation is free of charge, and the customer pays only for receiving a properly working board or control.

In most cases, Aganim quotes on a FIX PRICE base. Based on repair history, in many cases customers can be quoted without sending the item. This method helps making economical decisions quickly. Anyway, in regular and not urgent repairs, Aganim repair cost is up to 50% of a similar new item, or cost is competitive against another repair/replace alternative.

Aganim provides also on site service, and the company's engineers analysis capabilities makes them able of fault pinpoint in machines that combines mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Aganim offers also a retainer service, meaning that for a fixed monthly/yearly cost, The customer is covered for repairs of all electronics equipment, on site service, engineering and technical support, over the phone support and more. This service can be offered in a variety of above and can be suited to the customer's needs.

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