Aganim Maintenance LTD.

Aganim was founded in 1991 and since then we provide our customers the highest level of service and technical knowledge in repairing PC boards and Electronic control.

We are repairing PC boards from all technologies and manufacturers: AC/DC Motor Drivers, Servo Drives, Servo amplifiers, Industrial monitors, Power supplies and a lot more of other electronic\electric systems, no matter if they are current or obsolete.

Aganim's employees are experienced engineers with high skills in electronics repair. We have a large library of diagrams and test procedures, which are available to our engineers for a quick repair and test of the equipment. Repair capability is even with no circuit diagrams, we make them out of the Board!

We have all the instruments and test fixtures needed for the repair, including custom made fixtures. This includes sophisticated equipment for in circuit functional test and the ability to learn or compare boards. We build custom fixtures for each item been repaired and the process is documented for future reference.

We have a large inventory of components including obsolete. We are also connected with worldwide network of components stockers and distributors which allow a quick acquire of components needed for the repair.

Parts in PDF format

Our company work is fully computerized and the computer program we use was developed especially for our needs, all items received are labeled with a bar code and the repair process is documented in the system.

Our quality system has been authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel according to ISO 9001 standard.

The repair capability of our company is applicable for all industries: High tech equipment, Semiconductors, Semiconductor manufacture equipment, Plastics, Metal, Paper, Refineries, Printing, Packing, Beverage, Oil, Military and many more.

Aganim Maintenance